Cross Cultural Coaching

Sino-Dutch Cross Cultural Coaching Modules
by China Access and ChinaMoves

Lilian Kranenburg of ChinaMoves and Lianne Baaij of China Access have proudly joined forces to address key communication hurdles between Chinese and Dutch nationals in eight cross cultural coaching modules.

 Our training modules will teach how you can:

  • aptly navigate unfamiliar cultural business customs, etiquette and protocol,
  • develop understanding for ‘their’ way of thinking, decision-taking processes, negotiation tactics and business style,
  • contribute to the creation of a pleasant multi-cultural work environment,  
  • build respectful relationships to improve the probability of successful business deals,
  • avoid typical cultural pitfalls,
  • gain a sixth sense and grow cross cultural antennas for what works in the boardroom down to the shop floor

A smart investment that will go a long way! See our online brochure for more detailed information in both English and Chinese.

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